• DOT Physicals in Youngstown area performed by Dr. Phil Gainan Certified Medical Examiner
    Dr. Phil Gainan D.C. is certified to perform DOT Physical exams in the Boardman ,Ohio office.  The location office is   6960 Market St  Suite  1   in Boardman, Ohio Read more
  • Tinnitus , ringing in the ear caused by diet drinks.
    Have a Diet Coke and...TINNITUS? That’s right, researchers suspect aspartame, the most common sweetener in diet soda, might have a connection to tinnitus. Though a definitive link between the two has Read more
  • Ringing in the ear treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
    Low-level Laser Therapy: One Patient’s Experience All Articles, Patient Stories MY EXPERIENCE AND IMPLICATIONS FOR IMPROVING OUR UNDERSTANDING AND TREATMENT OF HYPERACUSIS Note:  While Hyperacusis Research has seen a number of positive stories Read more
  • Graston technique for col ligate baseball player
  • Graston Technique Boardman Chiropractor for hamstring muscle.
    Original Article Immediate effects of Graston Technique on hamstring muscle extensibility and pain intensity in patients with nonspecific low back pain Jong Hoon Moon, MSc, OT1)a, Jin-Hwa Jung, PhD, OT2)a, Read more
  • Foot Orthotics for plantar fascitis and other foot conditions.
    Foot orthotics for plantar fasciitis can help relieve pain When your patients don’t respond as well as expected to their chiropractic adjustments, oftentimes there is a source of interference in the Read more
  • Zerona fat loss pictures
    The “After” You’ve Been Searching For Remove your layer of stubborn fat to reveal a more defined, more confident version of yourself and you’ll be unstoppable. But don’t take our word Read more
  • Zerona Laser for fat loss in Boardman,Ohio
                           Zerona Laser for fat loss Zerona laser  is a full body fat loss treatment that allows clients to target areas Read more
  • Tennis elbow a non drug approach using Graston Technique
    TENNIS ELBOW, OR LATERAL EPICONDYLITIS Tennis elbow, or as Lateral Epicondylitis as it's technically known, is an elbow injury resulting from isolated trauma or excessive exertion of forearm muscles. Over time, Read more
  • LArginine and decrease blood pressure
    Getting to the Heart of the Matter: L-Arginine and L-Citrulline Supplementation to Improve Blood Circulation Tina Beychok May 18, 20204 minute read Sponsored content provided by Fenix Nutrition It goes without saying that Read more
  • Backpack tips, for kids
    The ultimate guide to backpacks (what to look for and how to wear them properly) Author: CCA Staff TeamDate: Sep 3, 2019Back Care Tips, Blog, Chiropractic Expertise With back-to-school season in full Read more
  • Zerona Laser for fat loss in Youngstown
    CoolSculpting and Zerona: Body Sculpting Without Surgery Two nonsurgical procedures to remove fat get FDA approval. But do they work? By Deborah Kotz, Contributor Sept. 17, 2010, at 1:26 p.m. MoreBody Sculpting Without Surgery MoreI'VE Read more
  • Zinc and alzheimers
    Without Zinc, You Could Be Headed Towards Dementia Or Alzheimer’s Zinc is one of the minerals that can help hold off the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. In most studies, zinc has Read more
  • Chiropractic helps decrease healing time
    The latest research on chiropractic care for faster injury recovery Christina DeBusk March 6, 2020 Faster return to sports and work and quicker injury recovery from latest chiropractic researchNot only do sports-related Read more
  • Exercises to avoid if you have back pain.
    Home > Blog > Four exercises to avoid if you have back pain – and what to do instead Four exercises to avoid if you have back pain – and what Read more
  • Headache treatment, non drug with Chiropractic
    6 ways chiropractic care can help manage headaches Author: CCA Staff TeamDate: Dec 6, 2017Back Care Tips, Chiropractic Expertise, HealthcareBeing able to think clearly and calmly allows us to make decisions, Read more

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