Workers Compensation

Workplace injuries can happen anytime. Let Dr. Gainan help you with your work related injury.

Injuries that occur in the workplace can have a profound effect on your life.  Not only have you been hurt but you could lose income as well.  Let Dr. Gainan help you recover and heal from your injury with his arsenal of effective treatments.
Whether you’ve injured your back, your neck or a different area, we can help your body heal to the best of it’s abilities.  In addition to traumatic injuries we are trained in assisting with repetitive motions injuries, like “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”.

The primary goal of our treatments are to get you back to work as quickly as possible but we also want to minimize any long term damage that may effect you months or even years later.

So, whether you are an injured worker or an employer looking to help their employee heal faster, you can trust Dr. Gainan to employ the latest and most effective treatment protocols.  Contact us today to started on the road to healing.

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