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  • "Work / Auto Injury Testimonials

    “As a result of my therapy with Dr. Gainan, I feel my back pain has diminished drastically. When I first started seeing Dr. Gainan, I could hardly perform my duties as a truck driver. After seeing Dr. Gainan, I am now able to work at about 90% pain free.” T.W.
    “My experience with Dr. Gainan has been very positive. When I first came here after my accident, I was in constant pain and had a lot of trouble sleeping. I now sleep soundly and my neck and shoulder are free of pain.” P.B.
    “I was involved in a car accident on 08-26-04. I was referred to Dr. Phil by my lawyer. I had trouble going on with my day to day activities such as walking to class at YSU, working, and lifting. With the expertise of Dr. Phil and his staff. I recovered remarkably fast. The pains in my neck and back went away after a few sessions and following the directions Dr. Phil gave me. I definitely will refer anyone to Dr. Phil, and if I ever need his services again, I will not hesitate to call him first.” K. M.
    “I have very much enjoyed my experience at Dr. Gainan’s office. Everyone here is helpful and courteous and very professional. Since coming here several months ago, my condition has much improved. I would highly recommend Dr. Gainan and his staff.” C. D.
  • "Chiropractic Care Testimonials

    “I was suffering with sciatic leg pain. I tried different pain pills, shots, and therapy, all which was suppose to help. I was walking with a cane. Surgery was the next step. I saw Dr. Gainan’s ad in the newspaper and thought what have I got to lose? To my surprise, I felt some instant relief after just one treatment. Today I no longer use pain pills or a cane. Wish I had known Dr. Gainan sooner. I would highly recommend him.” E.L.
    “I went nine months with plantar fasciitis. I tried braces, implants, and needles. I came to Dr. Gainan and after two treatments I had no pain. I can now walk and dance with no pain. I feel great.” J.O.
    “Thanks to Dr. Gainan with his cool low level laser therapy, I now have pain-free knees with full movement.” R.T.
    “After a consultation with my family doctor and a neurologist, I was diagnosis with carpal tunnel. The pain was unbearable at times but I did not want surgery. Dr. Gainan offered treatment and therapy and in time the pain diminished. I have not had a recurrence in years.” P.T.
  • "Smoking Cessation Testimonials

    “I was a smoker for 28 years. Tried stopping a dozen times, then came here for Laser Therapy and have not smoked since.” F.D.
    “The laser treatment which covered a four-day session really, really, really worked for me. I had no craving for a cigarette after the first session. I am happy to say I am a non-smoker. Quick and easy!!!” K.D.
  • "Orthotics Testimonials

    “I was skeptical at first but after two weeks I was amazed at how I felt. I was able to walk on a cement floor at a dog show with no pain. After years of pain, I am able to walk with no back or leg pain. I would highly recommend orthotics to anyone with back or leg pain.” J.K.
    “At 41 years of age, while working in retail for 12 hours a day, I suffered with severe back pain. Dr. Gainan suggested orthotics and they are wonderful. I have less back pain and would suggest them to everyone.” E.G.
  • "Sports Rehabilitation Testimonials

    “Thanks to Dr. Gainan I no longer have shoulder and neck pain. I am back to my everyday life, going to work pain free and working out at the gym. I would recommend his treatments to anyone. Thank you.” T.W.
    “ I have played soccer and enjoyed running for more than ten years. I started having foot problems last fall and couldn’t play soccer during the season for almost a month. The pain persisted and I have been to a couple of doctors that had different diagnosis but the treatment didn’t help. I couldn’t even walk without pain. I am very thankful for Dr. Gainan’s help and treatment because it is the most relief I have felt in over a year. I am able to train like I want to-without pain- and that feeling if incomparable.” C.R.
  • "Facial Rejuvenation Testimonials

    “Dr. Phil has given me five laser treatments for lines on my cheeks and around my eyes. After just two treatments I noticed my skin was firmer and the wrinkles are fading. After five treatments the wrinkles are hardly noticeable.” L.M.“One laser treatment removed a prominent horizontal line on my chin- there is no sign it was ever there.” P.T.
    “During the past two months, I have been treated by Dr. Phil Gainan for aging wrinkles on my face. The laser treatment is totally non-evasive and the results have been fantastic. I am totally pleased with all the comments I receive from my family and friends. It is amazing how many people have noticed the results.” K.M.
  • "Other Testimonials

    Sinusitis:“I have had sinus problems for years, after only a few treatments my pain and pressure are gone. I went to an allergy doctor and an ear, nose and throat doctor who recommended surgery. After my laser treatments, an ear, nose and throat doctor from the Cleveland Clinic reviewed my three MRI’s and saw enough improvement that surgery was not needed.” M.M.
    Headaches:“I have had migraine headaches for 18 years. Through frequent emergency room visits and an array of different pain meds- nothing helped. At the suggestion of seeing a Chiropractor, I was referred to Dr. Gainan, and with regular treatment and ultrasound, I have experienced no more migraines. I thank him for his successful therapy and would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.” J.P.
    Piriformis Syndrome:I was suffering with Piriformis Syndrome for over a year, finding little or no relief from other doctors. My condition became chronic. I finally found Dr. Phil and he diagnosed the problem and treated me from the source of the pain to help me regain my active lifestyle. Thanks Dr. Phil! M.J.W.

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