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  • Car wreck/Accident Youngstown, Boardman
                                                                Read more
  • Auto Accident treatment Youngstown/Boardman
    If you have been involved in a auto accident that please don't forget to get treated for your injuries.  Dr. Gainan is licensed in both Chiropractic as well as Physical Read more
  • DOT physical youngstown/ Boardman,oh What is expected to pass
       (330) 629-9476   Boardman/Youngstown,Oh          What is Tested During a DOT PhysicalThe FMCSA requires medical examiners to follow a very specific protocol and fill out a federal Read more
  • Heel spur/pain Youngstown
    Heel pain can be extremely disruptive in our lives. When there  is pain on  the bottom of foot due to heel spur  and or plantar fascistic just walking can be Read more
  • Sciatica
    There is many causes for Sciatica. When patients presents with low back,buttock pain, and pain or numbness down leg, there can be many potential causes for this.   Dr. Gainan Read more
  • Stop smoking now.
    Quit smoking. Laser light is a very effective treatment for stop smoking.   The laser is a very effective way to quit the nicotine habit.   The sooner one quits, Read more
  • Plantar fasciitis treatment
    The tissue on the bottom of your feet is referred to as faschia .  When it is inflamed, it is referred to as  fasciitis . The treatment consists of graston technique, Read more
  • DOT physical exams
    Youngstown/Boardman office offers DOT exams.  Certified medical examiner.  Same day appointments.  Very reasonably priced.   Call (330) 629-9476 Read more
  • Zerona for fat loss
    Zerona will melt the fat.  The zerona laser is very effective for decreasing the fat.  The light shrinks the fat cells.  No pain, no heat, no discomfort.   Call for your Read more
  • Stop smoking with laser light
    Quit smoking using laser light.  No pain, no heat, just results.  Youngstown/Boardman location (330) 629-9476 Read more
  • School bus physicals
    Dr. Gainan in his Boardman office is certified to perform the bus driver physicals. Reasonably priced, knowledgeable,  Convenient location, often times same day appointments (330) 629-9476 Read more
  • Auto accident treatment
    f you have been involved in a car accident, than chances are you need to be treated by  a Dr. who specializes in 'soft tissue injuries.  Dr. Gainan  treats these Read more
  • Carpal tunnel treatment Youngstown/Boardman
    Carpal tunnel syndrome is treated by Boardman's  Dr. Phil Gainan D.C.    Dr. Gain successfully uses a multi-modality approach to help patients.  He is certified in graston technique, as well Read more
  • DOT Physical exam Youngstown,Ohio area
    DOT physicals in Youngstown,Oh area .  Very reasonably priced. Same day appointments available.                                      Read more
  • Sciatica pain treatment Youngstown/Boardman
    Sciatica pain is fairly common. This pain can at times radiate down leg and cause pain, numbness and some time weakness.   Dr. Gainan treats sciatica pain in his Youngstown/Boardman Read more
  • Sports injuries in Boardman/Youngstown,ohio
    Dr. Gainan treats sports injuries in his Boardman office.  He is certified in Graston technique which is the preferred method among athletes.  He is certified in LLLT low level laser Read more

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