Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel is a very common workplace injury that can greatly impact your life.  Caused by excessive repetitive motion and poor ergonomics in the work environment, Carpal tunnel can have wide ranging effects on not just your work but your day to day functioning.

Symptoms Include:

  • Tingling in the hand and/or fingers
  • Burning sensations in the hand or fingers.
  • Cramping in hand or fingers
  • Weakness / Decreased grip strength / Muscle atrophy
  • Increased pain / discomfort at night
  • Sharp shooting pains in forearm

Pain and discomfort is usually centered around the distribution of the “Median nerve” (the area of the thumb, index finger & middle fingers) which is a nerve that passes through the “Carpal tunnel” in the hand (the space between a tight band of tissue and the wrist bone).  Anything that causes this “carpal tunnel” to become inflamed or to swell can in turn, compress and irritate the “median nerve”.  This is what leads to “Carpal tunnel syndrome”.

Dr. Gainan can help you find relief from your Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms with the wide array of treatment modalities he can employ.  Often, he will use treatments such as low level laser light, the “Graston technique” and a host of beneficial exercises to help your hand recover and heal to the best of it’s abilities.

Unfortunately,around 50% of the surgeries performed for Carpal Tunnel end up being ineffective.  So, for the best prognosis possible, come to Dr. Gainan for safe, effective, non-invasive treatment for your Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

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