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Coconut Oil Enhances Cognitive Performance in Alzheimer’s Patients

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Alzheimer’s disease is a medical condition that mainly affects the memory, behavior and thinking. It is a common form of dementia that widely affects the older population, particularly people who reach the age of 65. Alzheimer’s disease however may also affect individuals in their 40’s which is a condition referred to as the young Alzheimer’s disease.

The memory problems experienced by Alzheimer’s patients is one that is usually gradually progressing and worsens over time. There is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease however the progression of memory loss and other cognitive impairment may be delayed or may stop the progressive process of the memory retardation.


Mind boosting power of medium chain triglyceride (MCT)

A medical breakthrough revealed a promising way of boosting the cognitive function and performance in Alzheimer’s disease in the form of the medium chain triglyceride, more commonly known as the MCT. The Neurobiology of Aging published a research study in 2004 revealing that the major fat found in coconut oil called as the MCT can help improve the cognitive performance in humans. This is a promising revelation as it could possibly improve the memory and cognitive state among Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Fats are known to contain triglycerides which may be stored in the body as fatty deposits owing to its properties not being easily metabolized by the body. The coconut oil contains a medium chain triglyceride which is a kind of fat that the liver can metabolize easily, helping in the more efficient production of ketones that gives the body energy when it replaces glucose in the body system. As the MCT is easily metabolized by the liver, it could efficiently work to improve memory function and boost the cognitive performance of an individual.

Study revealed significant improvement of memory in a single dose of coconut oil

The administration of the MCT among Alzheimer’s patients as revealed in the study conducted in 2004 showed significant improvement in their cognitive performance and memory. The coconut oil was administered in a single dose and the result was promising. Almost all Alzheimer’s patients showed improvement in their ability for memory recall after receiving a single dose of coconut oil. Accordingly, the study showed an improvement in the distribution of the ketone bodies obtained from the MCT in the blood plasma level, a response that occurs within 90 minutes from its administration in humans.

The cognitive performance test that was undertaken among Alzheimer’s patients who participated in the study revealed that there was a significant improvement in the cognitive performance among these patients as shown in the results from the Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale Cognitive Subscale test. The greatest and notable improvement is on the paragraph recall test showing that the coconut oil could produce this significant improvement in the cognitive function for such a short period of time and only at a single dose.

Profiling Medium Chain Triglyceride

This revealing study is very significant in terms of the possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and the cognitive impairments that are associated with it. The MCT contained in coconut oil is one that is different from the other types of fats that are consumed in the body. The brain needs energy in order to help it carry out more efficient memory and cognitive performances. Brain function needs energy to work and this metabolic need of the brain is derived from the glucose supply it receives from fats.

However, when glucose is the main source of fuel or energy supply to the brain it could trigger insulin resistance which in turn compromises the brain structures and its functions with resulting poor cognitive performance. The use of MCT as a form of energy supply when it breaks down glucose and converts it into ketone bodies provides an alternative way of supplying the brain with the energy that it needs. As a result, the brain is able to effectively carry out its functions without compromising cognitive function.

Obtaining MCT naturally from coconut oil

Coconut oil has high levels of MCT making it the preferred natural source of MCT by nutritionists and doctors. MCT comprises 66% of the total fats contained in coconut oil. This may be given among Alzheimer’s disease patients in order to help boost their cognitive performance and function and to possibly retard and prevent the progressive cognitive decline seen from these patients. Apart from coconut oil being high in MCT, there are also many other health benefits that can be derived from the coconut oil making it the best natural food with medicinal benefits.

Coconut oil may be added into the diet of Alzheimer’s disease patients by making it a replacement for cooking oil that you used when preparing meals. It can also be used as a base for your meal, giving a healthy dose of MCT among Alzheimer’s patients. This form of ketogenic diet will optimize the cognitive function among Alzheimer’s patients and may be highly beneficial in other medical conditions involving slow memory and poor cognitive performances as well.

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