Are you an athlete?  Love to play sports?

Let us help you prevent and treat sports related injuries or pain.  Sports massage can allow you to perform at your peak and in comfort.  Sports massage is useful for people of all ages and skill levels as Sports related injury can affect anyone who plays.  Your sports massage therapist is trained in multiple techniques used to help prevent and treat stress and impact injuries and will help to prevent injury, speed up recovery time and minimize related pain.

Your Sports massage therapist will utilize one, or a combination, of four types of massage.  This will be based on your particular needs at the time.

Restorative Sports Massage

  • Done during training to help keep you performing at your best.  Focused on maintaining muscle flexibility, it can enable more in-depth training while helping to prevent injury.

Rehabilitative Sports Massage

  • Treats injuries by targeting problem areas, increasing circulation and restoring range of motion.

Pre-Event Sports Massage

  • Involves a stimulation Swedish massage to target the muscles you will be using during your sports event.  The brisk massage helps increase circulation and boost energy levels while limbering you up to prevent injuries.

Post Event Sports Massage

  • Aimed at helping you relax and rebalance after physical exertion.  Post-Event massage helps to minimize soreness, stiffness.